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Inslab Heating

As an alternative to conventional and less effective heating systems, slab hydronic underfloor heating is a highly efficient radiant heating technology that works well in open-concept modern homes. Installed in new construction or retrofitting existing structures, this material can be used for both residential and commercial premises as long as a new slab is being constructed.


Thermal Mass in a slab that radiates all day long


Before the slab is poured, the hydronic underfloor heating pipe is fastened to the reinforcing rods or mesh. These pipes go to one or more hydronic manifolds, which are connected to the heat source—a hydronic heat pump or a natural gas boiler—through plumbing.


REHAU PEX pipe is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe with an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion and specially designed for underfloor heating systems. With in slab hydronic heating, we aim for a heat output of 100-120W/m².


Helpful tele-support for seamless installation. Your project manager have to coordinate with electrician, plumber and contractor to put into consideration of A Pipe is covered by minimum 30mm of slab, and also Insulation recommended under and around the slab

In-slab heating uses hot water pipes embedded in a concrete slab floor to provide home heating.